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PatAlerts Competitor Watch gives you the opportunity to follow important competitors and monitor all patents they file, giving you a strategic advantage of knowing what they are up to so that you can adjust your own strategy if needed.


The Competitor watch also enables you to follow specific classifications - perfect for tech scouting!

Keep track of your competitors Inventions
Find unknown business opportunities

Based on your own patent portfolio PatAlert finds and displays the most active players in your field of technology. Ranging from potential partners, competitors you didn't know existed, to customers and other important stakeholders.

As time goes by the ecosystem around your patent evolves, this is something you don´t want to miss out on!

Detect Risks

With PatAlert you will discover if someone has invented something that might be hindering your future Freedom-to-operate.


PatAlert will also let you know if someone is developing something close to/or based on your patent portfolios technology - so that you can make an opposition at an early stage, avoiding expensive court costs and protect your patent assets, effortlessly.

”With PatAlert I can keep up to date with all citations in a very time effective way. I just need about 5 minutes to get new insights totally automatic”

Orbital Systems™

With the help of PatAlert, our company has gained a much broader knowledge of, not just the IP situation, but the whole development in our industry.


PatAlert provides us with a simple means for customized IP monitoring, through a limited effort and without employing several costly information services. Since we have limited in-house resources for IP administration, PatAlert is the perfect everyday tool for us, to gain relevant insight.

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