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Why should I patent my invention?

Previously, there has been an almost 100% focus on patenting as a tool for protecting investments in research and development. While this perspective is correct, it should not be the sole reason for patenting your invention. Firstly, this narrow perspective Read more...


Crowdsourcing or a maker – do you need to care about IP?

In recent year’s crowdsourcing, i.e. inviting a community to take part in developing a new product or service has become increasingly popular. The instant feedback from the community allows for a rapid and agile development process, where everyone taking part Read more...

Competitor watching

Spotlight on the IP strategy

  Heliospectra’s IP strategy is an important part of the company’s work and has been since the company was founded in 2006. Just a year later Heliospectra applied for its first patent. The company prepared an IP strategy at an Read more...