About Us

Empowering innovation and IP Intelligence


With more than 120 years of combined knowledge and experience within the field of intellectual property, we have seen an increasing need for identifying and communicating risks and opportunities in a company's ecosystem. As a result of this development, PatAlertTM was founded in 2016 with the simple goal of lowering the barriers to obtain intellectual property awareness.

PatAlertTM does not require any prior knowledge of the patent system and does the work for you, saving valuable time and money. PatAlertTM is being developed by the AWA Group. AWA is a leading consultancy firm in intellectual property with more than 300 co-workers in 16 offices across Sweden, Denmark, Germany and China. AWA's practice areas cover all aspects of intellectual property and the clientele include Fortune 500 companies, international law firms and high-tech start ups in more than 60+ countries around the world.


Our vision is to increase IP awareness around the world and be the first choice in IP intelligence.


Our mission is to visualize all areas of IP intelligence and competitor watching, and maintain extremely low barriers for everyone to obtain IP intelligence in a simple, time-saving and a very low cost.