Time-saving. Minimal effort.

Based on a single public patent document, PatAlert gives you a broad insight into your patent ecosystem and its activity without spending hours digging into advanced patent databases.

Automatic updates regarding active players and new inventions in your field of tech

Alerts about new inventions close to/or based on your technology

New inventions from your competitors

Monthly alert-mails

Follow changes on a monthly basis

The recent activity dashboard shows the most recent activity in your profile going one month back. In addition to the dashboard, a report summarizing last week’s findings is being sent out to your e-mail once a month.


Get a better understanding

The patent ecosystem visualizes the 10 players with the most patent activity in your ecosystem. The patent ecosystem is based on new publications within the Cooperative Patent Classifications (CPC) from your input documents. Find new players in your technology’s ecosystem. From partners, competitors, customers to other important stakeholders. For example, find potential M&A candidates, licensing opportunities or other new revenue streams based on patent data.

Find out if someone is developing something close to/or based on your technology

Find new rights and companies close to you with the Citation Explorer and the Prior Art Explorer. The citation explorer is visualizing all forward citations for your input documents. A forward citation is a document for which one of your input documents has been cited as relevant prior art. The prior art explorer is visualizing all backward citations for your input documents. A backward citation is an earlier published document that is publicly available before the filing of your input document and is sometimes referred to as prior art. Backward citations are categorized by the examiner as X-relevant for novelty, Y-relevant for inventive step and A – general technical background. In this view, you have the possibility to prioritize new hits.

Spot, monitor & analyze

The Classification Ecosystem view is visualizing the five players with the most patent activity in your top three patent classifications. In addition, companies filing in each respective classification is outlined. Spot, monitor and analyze technology trends and potential threats and opportunities for your technology with a single click. In this view, you also have the possibility to sort, prioritize and remove new hits.


Competitor Watch

Follow important companies of your choice, their patent activity and new inventions by setting up a specific customized watch profile. In this section, you have the possibility to view, sort and prioritize new inventions.